Turn Jurors Into Witnesses!


Precision Simulations, Inc. (PSI) is the premiere Scene Documentation, Reconstruction Analysis and 3D Visualization firm in the country. Started in 1997 by our Founder and CEO, Craig Fries to bring cutting edge technology and adherence to the scientific method to private forensic analysis, PSI has continued to be at the very forefront of this growing field.

Over 1000 cases completed. First firm to get 3D animation admitted into trial in Santa Clara County – heart of the Silicon Valley . First private forensic firm to utilize 3D Laser Scanning and to get it admitted in the US. Only such firm to be invited to speak to the California Judiciary on the topic of Admissibility of 3D Animation. Pioneer of multiple ground-breaking techniques such as the 3D Working Model, Laser-assisted Photogrammetry, Complete Reconstruction using Video Evidence, Life-sized Scene Diagrams for Reconstruction, Laser-assisted 3D Ballistics Analysis, 3D Volume Analysis for Vehicle Occupant Injury Analysis and many others. At PSI we are known for “sweating the details”, both in our own work and in the review and rebuttal of opposition experts. If you are interested in determining what really happened and displaying it to your jury in a clear, compelling manner, bring PSI on to assist in your next complex litigation and let us help you “Turn Jurors Into Witnesses”. CONTACT US TODAY