Vehicle Dynamics Testing & Analysis

Forensic reconstruction of vehicle accidents begins and ends with data.

Less data = More conjecture, which in turn leads to More opportunities for effective cross examination and Less effective presentation before the jury.

PSI has been a pioneer in bringing solid technical foundation to reconstruction analysis, beginning with introducing 3D Laser Scanning Technology to the forensic community.

Now, PSI is using VBOX technology to acquire powerful and specific data under many real-world conditions common to vehicle accident litigation; Acceleration capability, Brake Testing, Analysis of forces upon Impact, Slip Angle Testing and Off-tracking Analysis, among other critical data.

Municipalities / Counties / State Agencies:

  • Testing of Transportation Fleet Vehicles; Buses, LRV, Trains, Cable cars, Fleet vehicles
  • Police Departments/Fire Departments; Patrol vehicles, Fire vehicles, Ambulances / EMT vehicles
  • Private Attorneys; Specific case data
  • Accident Reconstruction Experts; Analysis of incident vehicle dynamics, Testing of opposition theory/testimony, Educational testing

PSI’s VBOX system provides the precision data required to ensure our complex 3D Animations are accurate and allow us to maintain our 100% admissions rate at trial.

The VBOX system also derives the hi-resolution, dynamic data necessary to maintain fidelity to even the most complicated vehicle dynamics. This ensures that every movement, every impact and all resultant forces are there to allow you to provide the jury with visualizations so real, it Turns Them Into Witnesses