Forensic Video & Video Analysis

Video Analysis – Everyday more of our world is being captured on video, including incidents that end up in litigation.  The ability to analyze these videos effectively is often critical for building the evidentiary foundation of your case.  PSI has been the leader in video analysis for the past decade, we have the tools and the knowledge to not only effectively analyze the video and create a dynamic presentation that will allow the jury to see the facts of the case as you do. Whether the incident was captured on security cameras inside a city bus or on people’s cell phones, PSI will help you to get the answers that you need.

  • Speed/Acceleration analysis
  • Time/distance analysis
  • Video enhancement
  • Body movement analysis
  • Vehicle movement analysis

Animation Over Video - When the highest realism and scene fidelity are necessary to communicate your case facts effectively to the jury, judge, and opposing counsel, nothing beats animation over video.  The use of High-Definition video captures the details of the incident scene while the computer control of object motion maintains fidelity to your expert opinions and testimony. The result is the most compelling and accurate visual representation of the incident available.

  • Driver’s eye views
  • Witness’s views
  • Pedestrian’s views
  • Top down views

Night Time Video - Accidents that happen at night or during low lighting are common and pose special challenges in analyzing and visualizing for the jury.  PSI uses the most advanced technology possible to help you answer that question.  By combining Ultra High Definition video equipment and the latest technology in light measurement tools, PSI staff is able to not only accurately recreate the condition of the accident but forensically illustrate the incident in a way that allows the jury to see the answer for themselves.

  • Lighting condition analysis
  • Night time video analysis
  • Forensically accurate courtroom video set-up