Dateline NBC - Miles From Nowhere


Deep in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, a family's idyllic vacation home is threatened when and unknown car enters their property in the dead of the night.

PSI's CEO, Craig Fries, testified to the 3D reconstruction and 3D Laser Scanning Analysis that showed that the victims were attempting to flee from their assailant at the time they were shot. Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister used the 3D graphics extensively in his closing.

"But as the prosecutor told the jury, evidence found in the meadow told a very different story. The detectives took us there to show us. Remember how the young men's car hit a rock, cracked open the oil pan? The dripping oil left a distinctive trail.

We could see the oil that had been laid down by Rory McGuire's car.

Using that trail of oil the prosecutor had an animation created, which showed the car was not heading toward Chad's truck but instead was heading around it, away from Chad.

His shot placement was very well placed. It was head height, shooting at the windows of the vehicle. One went low into the rear passenger door, which then went into Smythe's leg but most of the shot placement was high.

In other words Chad wasn't shooting the disabled car said the prosecutor. The evidence suggested he was shooting to kill the occupants even as they were trying to get away.

Was the defendant in imminent fear of death or great bodily injury-- was he in fear? The answer is no."

From Transcript of MIles from Nowhere - Dateline NBC


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