Eminent Domain

It is important to have an educated jury for Eminent Domain litigation. A typical juror will come to the courtroom with little to no understanding of this area of law. Using 3D visualization to educate the juror is an persuasive and compelling method of demonstrating your case facts. Whether it is loss of Goodwill, Reverse Condemnation, or battling land values from competing appraisers, allowing the jury to see your case, giving the attorney the advantage needed to succeed inside the courtroom.

Before and After - One of the most powerful tools we offer is the ability for the jury to see the future effects of a project on a property now. Our powerful suite of 3D laser scanning, laser based photogrammetry, and 3D modeling brings the future into the courtroom today. Whether you want to illustrate that the project will have no effect on the neighbor's view of the water front, or that the project will prevent customers from seeing your office building from the road, our team can visually illustrate the true after condition.

  • Before and After photographs
  • Before and After video drive-bys
  • Before and After helicopter tours of subject area

Comp Analysis - You have invested a lot of money in your appraiser to come up with an accurate analysis of land value, but the other side has done the same.  Who will the jury believe? If you are not successful in visually illustrating the value of your analysis to the jury they may come back with disastrous results. Solution! Create a visually persuasive presentation that not only educates a non-technical jury about your technical analysis, but illustrates flaws in opposing counsel’s appraisal.

  • Convert complex reports into an easy to understand presentation
  • Shine spotlight onto flaws in opposition's analysis
  • Educate the jury so they see the true evaluation

Goodwill - Whether you need the jury to clearly understand why the public works project is going to be a good neighbor, or why an empty parking lot has such a high valuation, our powerful 3D tools will make the jury understand the facts of the case as you see them. Want to turn the parking lot into a state of the art office park? Or illustrate that the advanced flood control system being installed will not be an eyesore to its neighbors, our 3D modeling tools can make the jury see for themselves the true value of your case.

  • 3D model of future projects now
  • 3D model of true property potential
  • Good neighbor/Bad neighbor show the jury the truth

Land Evaluation - Landowner claims his empty lot is the "Garden of Eden". You think it is a "Barren Wasteland". What will the jury think? If the jury does not understand the facts clearly they may "split the baby", costing your clients millions of dollars. By creating an accurate 3D model of the land you can not only show the jury what the land looks like, but illustrate slopes, drainage, low points, "cut and fill" challenges, vehicle access issues, and more, in a way a mere photograph could ever accomplish. Give the jury the tools they need to see the facts of the case as you do.