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Installment 1: Photometry and Driver's Eye Video

Why/ what are the challenges in presenting this type of evidence in a valid manner? If performing the recreation with sufficient fidelity to the real-world event was as easy as pressing “record” on the camera we have available, this discussion would have…
Why/ what are the challenges in presenting this type of evidence in a valid manner? If performing the recreation with sufficient fidelity to the real-world event was as easy as…

Series Introduction: Photometry and Driver's Eye Video

When I started in the Forensic Analysis industry 24 years ago, my first task was sitting in a dark room watching reels of 8mm and soon after, 16mm film. The subject of these movies was the current state of the art attempts at performing nighttime accident…
When I started in the Forensic Analysis industry 24 years ago, my first task was sitting in a dark room watching reels of 8mm and soon after, 16mm film. The subject of these…