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3D Gunshot Wound Path Model (6)
accident reconstruction (2)
CDAA (1)
Video Capture Frame Rate (1)
Construction Accident (1)
Expert's Preparation (1)
Camera Lense Distortion (1)
Plaintiff (2)
Wire Strike (1)
Laser Scanning (3)
The Working Model (3)
Demonstrative Exhibits (1)
News Van (1)
Surgical (1)
Driver's Eye Video (4)
Ballistic Trajectory Analysis (7)
Witness Stand (1)
Excellent Presentations (1)
hot topic (1)
911 Call Audio (1)
Ferguson MO (1)
professional (1)
Eye (1)
Seoul Korea (1)
First Degree Murder (1)
Objections (1)
Officer Involved Shooting (2)
New CEO (1)
Cross Examination (2)
Radio Traffic (1)
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (1)
Nieto Verdict (1)
Marco Topete Murder (2)
Trajectory (1)
ISO 17020 (1)
South Lake Tahoe (1)
Side Bars (1)
Error Analysis (1)
3D Animation and Video Compositing (3)
Video Alignment (1)
Surgical Animation (1)
Medical (1)
Crosswalk (1)
California District Attorneys Association (1)
Driver's Eye View Obstruction (3)
Complex Accident Scene Reconstruction (3)
Variances (1)
forensic mapping (1)
Experience (1)
New Forensic Technology (1)
Defense (2)
Guilty Verdict (1)
scientific evidence (1)
Radio Traffic Audio (1)
Sight Obstructions (1)
Leadership (1)
Eye Witness (2)
Shooter's Location (1)
Forensic Expert Witness Association (1)
Capital Crime (1)
Exemplar Life Sized Intersection (1)
Illustrate Driver's Eye View (1)
nighttime visibility study (3)
Nieto (1)
David vs. Goliath Case (1)
3D Animation (9)
Monte Carlo Method (1)
Downstream Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning (1)
Explosion (1)
Expert Witness (2)
Radiological (1)
Assault Rifle (2)
Expert's Analysis (1)
forensic consultant (1)
Shadow (1)
forensic expert (1)
Timing and Location of Evidence (1)
.223 (1)
$84,000,000 Verdicts (1)
Operator Liability (1)
7 Days on Witness Stand (1)
CA2RS (1)
3 (1)
Muni Bus On-Board Camera System (1)
CalTrans (1)
Criminalist (1)
Determine Driver's Eye View (2)
crash scene mapping (1)
San Francisco Intersection (2)
CCSF (1)
Shadow Analysis (1)
AR15 (3)
Vehicle 3D Laser Scan (1)
FEWA Secretary (1)
Reconstruction (1)
Laser Scan (4)
911 Call (1)
Trajectory Rods (2)
Litigation (1)
northern california chapter (1)
.45 Caliber (1)
7.6 Mile Pursuit (1)
deposition (1)
Visibility Studies (2)
1000 Hours (1)
Laser Assisted Photogrammetry (2)
consultant (1)
Old Way vs Best Way (1)
Personal Injury (1)
Determine Degree of Error (1)
CEO (1)
California Association of Criminalists (1)
Photometry (2)
Michael Brown (1)
evidence documentation (2)
2014 Annual Conference (1)
Emergency Deployment Recorders (1)
FEWA (1)
Shooting (1)
Measurements (1)
CAC (1)
Chief Executive Officer (1)
Nighttime Accident Reconstruction (2)
film (1)
Specific Calculations (1)
body camera for deputies and officers (1)
Gunshot Wound Modeling (3)
Crush Analysis (1)
Construction Worker (1)
collaborative (1)
3D Working Model (18)
Medical Animation (1)
Nighttime Video (2)
Peer-Reviewed (2)
World Forensic Festival (1)
Ballistics Analysis (5)
Professional Association (1)
Forensic Animation (1)
3D crime scene mapping (2)
Accidental Shooting (1)
Witness Testimony (1)
Ballistic Study (3)
Vehicle Crush Analysis (1)
Power Line Wire Strike (1)
Reporter Injured (1)
Forensic Science International (1)
Animation over Video (1)
Trace back to shooter's location (1)
Crosswalk in Shadow (1)
Craig Fries (1)
402 Hearing (1)
California Association of Crime Lab Directors (1)
forensic (1)
Wayne B. Norris (1)
Dr Judy Melinek (1)
3D Laser Scanning (18)
Autopsy Report (2)
Testimony (2)
Camera Lense Field of View (1)
by eye (1)
Litigation Declarations (1)
Incident and Exemplar Vehicles (1)
Trace Back Analysis (1)
3D Animation over Nighttime Video (2)
Cone of Uncertainty (1)
TImeline from Audio (1)
Single Vehicle Accident (1)
CDAA Winter Conference (1)
Physical Evidence (1)
reconstruction analysis (2)
Photogrammetry (3)
Video Analysis (1)
Fieldwork (1)
Complete Analysis (1)
Exhibits Foundation (1)
3d Visualization (6)
OIS (1)
Bus vs. Pedestrian (1)
GPS Analysis (1)
Visible Geometry (1)

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PSI Instrumental in Successful $84,000,000 Verdicts

PSI was instrumental in two recently successful verdicts equaling $84,000,000. Carpio vs. Aubin for $28,000,000 and Anderson vs. CalTrans for $56,000,000. Both of these cases featured 3D Laser Scanning to recreate the scene and driver's eye video to recre…
Carpio vs. Aubin - $28,000,000 Verdict against Caltrans  The scenario for this case is a pedestrian was struck at night in a poorly lit crosswalk on a freeway onramp. Using our…

Reconstruction of a Power Line Wire Strike Event

A television news van operator and a news reporter, (the plaintiff in this case) were late arrivals to cover a public service event put on by the local police department. Upon arrival, the news van carrying the reporter has limited options for parking nex…
A television news van operator and a news reporter, (the plaintiff in this case) were late arrivals to cover a public service event put on by the local police department. Upon…

Completed! PSI's Ballistic Trajectory Study and Analysis

After much ado and late hours in the lab crunching numbers, PSI has completed its Ballistic Trajectory Study and Analysis. Conceived to test a working theory I first used in a capital punishment case in 2010, this study aimed to determine just how accura…
After much ado and late hours in the lab crunching numbers, PSI has completed its Ballistic Trajectory Study and Analysis. Conceived to test a working theory I first used in a…