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Laser Assisted Photogrammetry (2)
Ballistic Trajectory Analysis (7)
Nighttime Accident Reconstruction (2)
FEWA (1)
1000 Hours (1)
Reconstruction (1)
Cross Examination (2)
Leadership (1)
Eye (1)
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AR15 (3)
CDAA (1)
2014 Annual Conference (1)
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Dr Judy Melinek (1)
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Marco Topete Murder (2)
Peer-Reviewed (2)
Construction Accident (1)
CEO (1)
7.6 Mile Pursuit (1)
Fieldwork (1)
Physical Evidence (1)
Nieto Verdict (1)
Trajectory (1)
Expert Witness (2)
Ballistics Analysis (5)
Cone of Uncertainty (1)
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (1)
.45 Caliber (1)
body camera for deputies and officers (1)
Plaintiff (2)
Muni Bus On-Board Camera System (1)
3D Animation and Video Compositing (3)
Vehicle 3D Laser Scan (1)
Medical (1)
3D crime scene mapping (2)
News Van (1)
Visibility Studies (2)
Demonstrative Exhibits (1)
Crush Analysis (1)
Monte Carlo Method (1)
Chief Executive Officer (1)
402 Hearing (1)
Power Line Wire Strike (1)
Explosion (1)
South Lake Tahoe (1)
$84,000,000 Verdicts (1)
Exhibits Foundation (1)
TImeline from Audio (1)
ISO 17020 (1)
CalTrans (1)
Ballistic Study (3)
3D Animation (9)
Trace Back Analysis (1)
Bus vs. Pedestrian (1)
Measurements (1)
Video Capture Frame Rate (1)
San Francisco Intersection (2)
Eye Witness (2)
Video Analysis (1)
Autopsy Report (2)
California Association of Criminalists (1)
deposition (1)
forensic mapping (1)
Guilty Verdict (1)
CDAA Winter Conference (1)
Camera Lense Field of View (1)
Specific Calculations (1)
FEWA Secretary (1)
Shadow (1)
by eye (1)
Michael Brown (1)
3D Animation over Nighttime Video (2)
Determine Driver's Eye View (2)
Side Bars (1)
Expert's Preparation (1)
CAC (1)
3D Laser Scanning (18)
Excellent Presentations (1)
Craig Fries (1)
Wayne B. Norris (1)
Litigation Declarations (1)
Radio Traffic (1)
Construction Worker (1)
film (1)
Timing and Location of Evidence (1)
Nighttime Video (2)
Old Way vs Best Way (1)
911 Call (1)
Professional Association (1)
California District Attorneys Association (1)
Single Vehicle Accident (1)
Accidental Shooting (1)
Driver's Eye Video (4)
Crosswalk (1)
Radio Traffic Audio (1)
Capital Crime (1)
Ferguson MO (1)
Litigation (1)
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.223 (1)
Animation over Video (1)
Officer Involved Shooting (2)
reconstruction analysis (2)
New CEO (1)
Witness Stand (1)
Complex Accident Scene Reconstruction (3)
Emergency Deployment Recorders (1)
911 Call Audio (1)
First Degree Murder (1)
Nieto (1)
Radiological (1)
Downstream Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning (1)
CCSF (1)
Photometry (2)
Laser Scan (4)
northern california chapter (1)
crash scene mapping (1)
nighttime visibility study (3)
Forensic Expert Witness Association (1)
World Forensic Festival (1)
New Forensic Technology (1)
Objections (1)
Laser Scanning (3)
Illustrate Driver's Eye View (1)
Variances (1)
Defense (2)
3D Gunshot Wound Path Model (6)
forensic consultant (1)
3 (1)
Expert's Analysis (1)
Error Analysis (1)
Vehicle Crush Analysis (1)
collaborative (1)
Assault Rifle (2)
forensic (1)
Incident and Exemplar Vehicles (1)
scientific evidence (1)
Testimony (2)
Operator Liability (1)
3D Working Model (18)
Complete Analysis (1)
Seoul Korea (1)
Driver's Eye View Obstruction (3)
Visible Geometry (1)
Medical Animation (1)
Video Alignment (1)
accident reconstruction (2)
Personal Injury (1)
7 Days on Witness Stand (1)
Exemplar Life Sized Intersection (1)
Criminalist (1)
3d Visualization (6)
Reporter Injured (1)
Forensic Animation (1)
Determine Degree of Error (1)
GPS Analysis (1)
Crosswalk in Shadow (1)
California Association of Crime Lab Directors (1)
Shooting (1)
Surgical Animation (1)
David vs. Goliath Case (1)
Forensic Science International (1)
Trajectory Rods (2)
OIS (1)

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Series Introduction: Photometry and Driver's Eye Video

When I started in the Forensic Analysis industry 24 years ago, my first task was sitting in a dark room watching reels of 8mm and soon after, 16mm film. The subject of these movies was the current state of the art attempts at performing nighttime accident…
When I started in the Forensic Analysis industry 24 years ago, my first task was sitting in a dark room watching reels of 8mm and soon after, 16mm film. The subject of these…

Caught in the Act! Part Three

3D Laser Scanning – Determining & Illustrating Driver Eye View Obstructions: In the reconstruction of vehicle accidents, particularly vehicle versus pedestrian cases, one of the issues that often arises is the portion of the scene that the pedestrian w…
3D Laser Scanning – Determining & Illustrating Driver Eye View Obstructions: In the reconstruction of vehicle accidents, particularly vehicle versus pedestrian cases, one of the…