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$84,000,000 Verdicts (1)
Ballistic Study (3)
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Video Capture Frame Rate (1)
3D Gunshot Wound Path Model (6)
CDAA (1)
Photogrammetry (3)
Surgical Animation (1)
Defense (2)
Determine Degree of Error (1)
evidence documentation (2)
Objections (1)
Exhibits Foundation (1)
professional (1)
1000 Hours (1)
Monte Carlo Method (1)
Laser Scanning (3)
Illustrate Driver's Eye View (1)
Photometry (2)
Wire Strike (1)
Capital Crime (1)
Gunshot Wound Modeling (3)
Physical Evidence (1)
hot topic (1)
New CEO (1)
Driver's Eye View Obstruction (3)
Eye Witness (2)
Trace Back Analysis (1)
Vehicle 3D Laser Scan (1)
Nighttime Video (2)
3D Animation over Nighttime Video (2)
Laser Assisted Photogrammetry (2)
Specific Calculations (1)
Forensic Expert Witness Association (1)
Laser Scan (4)
San Francisco Intersection (2)
Determine Driver's Eye View (2)
Excellent Presentations (1)
Power Line Wire Strike (1)
AR15 (3)
Ballistic Trajectory Analysis (7)
Video Analysis (1)
northern california chapter (1)
7 Days on Witness Stand (1)
Downstream Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning (1)
Accidental Shooting (1)
Complete Analysis (1)
CDAA Winter Conference (1)
Cone of Uncertainty (1)
402 Hearing (1)
Shooting (1)
Error Analysis (1)
Vehicle Crush Analysis (1)
Expert Witness (2)
FEWA Secretary (1)
Leadership (1)
Professional Association (1)
Medical (1)
World Forensic Festival (1)
Experience (1)
3D Animation and Video Compositing (3)
forensic consultant (1)
Testimony (2)
CalTrans (1)
deposition (1)
crash scene mapping (1)
Marco Topete Murder (2)
Trace back to shooter's location (1)
Expert's Analysis (1)
Officer Involved Shooting (2)
Timing and Location of Evidence (1)
Forensic Animation (1)
Sight Obstructions (1)
Video Alignment (1)
7.6 Mile Pursuit (1)
Wayne B. Norris (1)
Demonstrative Exhibits (1)
Witness Testimony (1)
Radio Traffic Audio (1)
Radiological (1)
Shooter's Location (1)
Ferguson MO (1)
Construction Accident (1)
forensic mapping (1)
Driver's Eye Video (4)
Cross Examination (2)
David vs. Goliath Case (1)
Chief Executive Officer (1)
New Forensic Technology (1)
Measurements (1)
film (1)
Autopsy Report (2)
California Association of Criminalists (1)
911 Call Audio (1)
3 (1)
Side Bars (1)
Bus vs. Pedestrian (1)
Animation over Video (1)
3D crime scene mapping (2)
Criminalist (1)
Complex Accident Scene Reconstruction (3)
911 Call (1)
Nieto Verdict (1)
Camera Lense Distortion (1)
Reporter Injured (1)
.223 (1)
.45 Caliber (1)
scientific evidence (1)
Radio Traffic (1)
California District Attorneys Association (1)
by eye (1)
Nighttime Accident Reconstruction (2)
3D Working Model (18)
Peer-Reviewed (2)
TImeline from Audio (1)
California Association of Crime Lab Directors (1)
ISO 17020 (1)
nighttime visibility study (3)
Emergency Deployment Recorders (1)
Forensic Science International (1)
Seoul Korea (1)
Fieldwork (1)
consultant (1)
Visible Geometry (1)
Witness Stand (1)
Variances (1)
Exemplar Life Sized Intersection (1)
Dr Judy Melinek (1)
Shadow Analysis (1)
2014 Annual Conference (1)
Craig Fries (1)
News Van (1)
Surgical (1)
Litigation (1)
Trajectory (1)
forensic (1)
Visibility Studies (2)
CEO (1)
Operator Liability (1)
Litigation Declarations (1)
South Lake Tahoe (1)
Michael Brown (1)
First Degree Murder (1)
Construction Worker (1)
CA2RS (1)
Incident and Exemplar Vehicles (1)
GPS Analysis (1)
The Working Model (3)
FEWA (1)
Plaintiff (2)
Crush Analysis (1)
reconstruction analysis (2)
Nieto (1)
Reconstruction (1)
Old Way vs Best Way (1)
accident reconstruction (2)
3D Laser Scanning (18)
Shadow (1)
Expert's Preparation (1)
3d Visualization (6)
forensic expert (1)
Single Vehicle Accident (1)
CAC (1)
Eye (1)
OIS (1)
collaborative (1)
body camera for deputies and officers (1)
Crosswalk (1)
CCSF (1)
Camera Lense Field of View (1)
Assault Rifle (2)
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (1)
Crosswalk in Shadow (1)
3D Animation (9)
Medical Animation (1)
Muni Bus On-Board Camera System (1)

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Medical Animations for Plaintiff or Defense

Often our clients are interested in illustrating medical issues related to injuries or surgical procedures. PSI has been creating medical animations and graphics since our inception in 1997, providing attorneys and experts with compelling visuals to suppo…
Often our clients are interested in illustrating medical issues related to injuries or surgical procedures. PSI has been creating medical animations and graphics since our…

Michael Brown: An Illustrated Analysis of the Ballistics Data

Unless you live in a cave, you are aware that the grand jury reached a decision in the shooting of Michael Brown. The jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson has resulted in high emotions and heated debate over the state of rac…
Unless you live in a cave, you are aware that the grand jury reached a decision in the shooting of Michael Brown. The jury’s decision not to indict Ferguson police officer…