Transportation & Construction Accidents

In 1999, PSI pioneered the use of the 3D Working Model. The creation of 3D models via Laser Scanning allows the expert to have a “Working Model” of the scene or event inside the computer. Due to the precision and resolution of the data captured by the Laser Scanner, these working models can be used to test, analyze and illustrate a variety of issues as if the scene and objects themselves were permanently available for analysis:

  • Reconstruction – How fast must plaintiff have been traveling in order to reach the POI?
  • Alternate Scenarios – What happens if the speed of one of the driver’s increases or decreases by 5mph?
  • Line of Sight Analysis – What was available to be seen by the plaintiff or defendant in the seconds leading up to impact?
  • Eye-Witness Testimony – Could the witness have really seen what they claim from their vantage point?
  • Physical Evidence – How well does your analysis match the physical evidence at the scene? How well does the opposition’s analysis match the physical evidence?
  • Hydrology – Can water flows reach the affected area given a specific source and the grade of the roadway?
  • Engineering Analysis – Can object A fit inside B? Can part A of an object reach plaintiff in position B? Can vehicle A make the skid marks left at the scene and attributed to vehicle A?

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