Patent Litigation

PSI has an extensive history creating graphics and animations to illustrate the case facts for both patent holders and alleged infringers. As IP attorneys know, patent litigation issues are among the most complex and clearly communicating the subject matter can be a significant challenge.

PSI’s 3D animation staff consists of technically oriented minds and each of us has a science background to go along with creativity and trial-tested strategies for presenting your case facts in a clear, compelling manner.

Creating 3D Animations for IP cases differs from creating other types such as vehicle accidents in its focus on technically complex subject matter and the need to educate very specific actions and processes. There is a premium placed upon creating accurate 3D models and then using these models to tell what is often a very complicated story. Often, the intended audience is a judge who specializes in IP cases, as opposed to the lay jury, so the level of instruction is usually higher. PSI understands these differences and has the experience and technical proficiency to create a presentation that will make the point you need, concisely and thoroughly.