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First Degree Murder (1)
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Installment 1: Photometry and Driver's Eye Video

Why/ what are the challenges in presenting this type of evidence in a valid manner? If performing the recreation with sufficient fidelity to the real-world event was as easy as pressing “record” on the camera we have available, this discussion would have…
Why/ what are the challenges in presenting this type of evidence in a valid manner? If performing the recreation with sufficient fidelity to the real-world event was as easy as…

7 Days on the witness stand! – What I Learned

We had been working on this case for over 5 years by the time trial finally became a reality. The 5 years had been spent in painstakingly poring over every witness statement and every possible piece of physical evidence. No expense had been spared in reta…
We had been working on this case for over 5 years by the time trial finally became a reality. The 5 years had been spent in painstakingly poring over every witness statement and…