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Monte Carlo Method (1)
FEWA Secretary (1)
3d Visualization (6)
Visible Geometry (1)
Vehicle 3D Laser Scan (1)
Ballistics Analysis (5)
Nighttime Accident Reconstruction (2)
Laser Scanning (3)
3 (1)
Crosswalk in Shadow (1)
Medical (1)
Downstream Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning (1)
Fieldwork (1)
Vehicle Crush Analysis (1)
Construction Accident (1)
Photogrammetry (3)
Seoul Korea (1)
Bus vs. Pedestrian (1)
3D Gunshot Wound Path Model (6)
Timing and Location of Evidence (1)
3D Animation over Nighttime Video (2)
World Forensic Festival (1)
Objections (1)
Complex Accident Scene Reconstruction (3)
Expert's Preparation (1)
Testimony (3)
animation (1)
Defense (2)
Reporter Injured (1)
Body Camera (1)
Laser Assisted Photogrammetry (2)
nighttime visibility study (3)
Camera Lense Distortion (1)
Radio Traffic (1)
hot topic (1)
FEWA (1)
Expert Witness (3)
CCSF (1)
Trajectory Rods (2)
film (1)
Sam Dubose (1)
Ballistic Study (3)
Sight Obstructions (1)
Visibility Studies (2)
California Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (1)
accident reconstruction (2)
3D Animation (10)
Variances (1)
Ohio vs Tensing (1)
California Association of Crime Lab Directors (1)
northern california chapter (1)
The Working Model (3)
7.6 Mile Pursuit (1)
Shadow (1)
South Lake Tahoe (1)
Emergency Deployment Recorders (1)
Specific Calculations (1)
Nieto (1)
Peer-Reviewed (2)
Plaintiff (2)
Ballistic Trajectory Analysis (7)
Demonstrative Exhibits (1)
reconstruction analysis (2)
2014 Annual Conference (1)
1000 Hours (1)
California District Attorneys Association (1)
Camera Lense Field of View (1)
consultant (1)
9.75 million (1)
Trace Back Analysis (1)
CDAA (1)
7 Days on Witness Stand (1)
Medical Animation (1)
402 Hearing (1)
Reconstruction (1)
3D Working Model (18)
Nieto Verdict (1)
professional (1)
Power Line Wire Strike (1)
Witness Stand (1)
Marco Topete Murder (2)
seachao (1)
Expert's Analysis (1)
crash scene mapping (1)
Determine Driver's Eye View (2)
New Forensic Technology (1)
Exemplar Life Sized Intersection (1)
Radiological (1)
911 Call Audio (1)
CAC (1)
David vs. Goliath Case (1)
Trajectory (1)
Measurements (1)
CA2RS (1)
Single Vehicle Accident (1)
Explosion (1)
Physical Evidence (1)
Assault Rifle (2)
by eye (1)
CalTrans (1)
Shadow Analysis (1)
AR15 (3)
largest infant death settlement in california (1)
Old Way vs Best Way (1)
Criminalist (1)
Exhibits Foundation (1)
.223 (1)
Litigation Declarations (1)
Analysis (1)
Witness Testimony (1)
Side Bars (1)
scientific evidence (1)
Forensic Expert Witness Association (1)
Animation over Video (1)
Cone of Uncertainty (1)
forensic consultant (1)
Crush Analysis (1)
Shooting (1)
Photometry (2)
evidence documentation (2)
forensic mapping (1)
Determine Degree of Error (1)
Wire Strike (1)
collaborative (1)
ISO 17020 (1)
Muni Bus On-Board Camera System (1)
Accidental Shooting (1)
Guilty Verdict (1)
forensic expert (1)
Video Alignment (1)
Dr Judy Melinek (1)
Surgical (1)
Driver's Eye Video (4)
Mistrial (1)
Operator Liability (1)
California Association of Criminalists (1)
Illustrate Driver's Eye View (1)
3D Animation and Video Compositing (3)
911 Call (1)
infant death settlement (1)
Video Analysis (2)
Excellent Presentations (1)
Laser Scan (4)
Gunshot Wound Modeling (3)
Professional Association (1)
First Degree Murder (1)
CNN (1)
Capital Crime (1)
Incident and Exemplar Vehicles (1)
Ray Tensing (1)
Nighttime Video (2)
Trace back to shooter's location (1)
Ferguson MO (1)
sacramento settlement (1)
Forensic Animation (1)
$84,000,000 Verdicts (1)
Construction Worker (1)
Officer Involved Shooting (3)
Autopsy Report (2)
Crosswalk (1)
National News (1)
CDAA Winter Conference (1)
deposition (1)
Cross Examination (2)
Shooter's Location (1)
Personal Injury (1)
.45 Caliber (1)
Error Analysis (1)
TImeline from Audio (1)
Surgical Animation (1)
body camera for deputies and officers (1)
Driver's Eye View Obstruction (3)
Eye Witness (2)
3D crime scene mapping (2)
Craig Fries (1)
Radio Traffic Audio (1)
San Francisco Intersection (2)
Complete Analysis (1)
News Van (1)
forensic (1)
3D Laser Scanning (18)
Forensic Science International (1)
Litigation (1)
OIS (1)
Eye (1)
GPS Analysis (1)
Michael Brown (1)
Video Capture Frame Rate (1)

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Operator LiabilityVideo AnalysisDemonstrative ExhibitsVariancesWitness TestimonyCNNVideo AlignmentSpecific CalculationsCDAAPower Line Wire Strikereconstruction analysisShooter's LocationPhysical EvidenceAutopsy ReportMedical AnimationISO 17020CrosswalkSight ObstructionsDetermine Driver's Eye ViewcollaborativeReconstructionCACLDevidence documentationShadowNieto Verdictsacramento settlementCamera Lense DistortionPersonal InjuryLitigation DeclarationsGunshot Wound Modeling7.6 Mile PursuitError AnalysisWitness StandPlaintiffCamera Lense Field of ViewConstruction Worker3D Laser ScanningCDAA Winter ConferenceGuilty VerdictLaser ScanFieldworkFEWACalifornia Association of Crime Lab Directorsforensic mapping1000 HoursPeer-ReviewedDriver's Eye VideoDefenseBallistic Trajectory AnalysisAnimation over VideoMedicalbody camera for deputies and officersby eyeSurgical AnimationTiming and Location of Evidence3D Gunshot Wound Path ModelTImeline from Audiolargest infant death settlement in californiaFirst Degree MurderForensic Science International3D Working ModelGPS AnalysisLitigationTestimonyVehicle 3D Laser ScanTrajectory RodsCalifornia Association of CriminalistsCone of Uncertaintynorthern california chapterCalifornia Association of Accident Reconstruction SpecialistsTrajectoryIllustrate Driver's Eye ViewNighttime Video2014 Annual ConferenceAR15Expert Witnessaccident reconstruction.223Ray TensingFerguson MOMeasurementsSurgicalEye WitnessDavid vs. Goliath CaseObjectionsVideo Capture Frame RateanimationBus vs. PedestrianExemplar Life Sized IntersectionExhibits Foundationconsultantprofessional3D Animation911 CallAssault RifleNews VanRadiologicalOhio vs TensingMonte Carlo Method3D Animation over Nighttime Video911 Call Audio3d VisualizationForensic AnimationLaser ScanningSouth Lake Tahoenighttime visibility studySeoul Koreafilm$84,000,000 VerdictsShadow AnalysisTrace Back Analysiscrash scene mappingCrosswalk in ShadowIncident and Exemplar Vehiclesforensic consultantMuni Bus On-Board Camera SystemExpert's PreparationAnalysisExpert's AnalysisCrush AnalysisdepositionShootingCalifornia District Attorneys AssociationRadio TrafficVisible GeometryRadio Traffic AudioPhotogrammetry9.75 millionCross ExaminationCCSFCalTransNew Forensic TechnologyWorld Forensic FestivalPhotometryNational NewsThe Working Model.45 CaliberMistrial3D crime scene mapping3Craig FriesCapital CrimeEyeLaser Assisted Photogrammetry3D Animation and Video CompositingExcellent PresentationsDetermine Degree of ErrorDriver's Eye View ObstructionVehicle Crush AnalysisSide BarsExplosionSan Francisco IntersectionComplete AnalysisOld Way vs Best WayTrace back to shooter's locationVisibility StudiesNietoForensic Expert Witness AssociationEmergency Deployment RecordersBody CameraMarco Topete MurderSingle Vehicle Accident7 Days on Witness StandNighttime Accident ReconstructionseachaoOISProfessional AssociationSam DuboseCAC402 HearingCA2RSforensicReporter InjuredBallistic StudyCriminalistComplex Accident Scene Reconstructionscientific evidenceOfficer Involved ShootingDownstream Benefits of 3D Laser ScanningWire Strikeinfant death settlementhot topicBallistics AnalysisConstruction AccidentAccidental ShootingDr Judy MelinekFEWA SecretaryMichael Brownforensic expert


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Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA)

Are you a forensic consultant looking for some tricks and tips on how to become an expert witness, educational opportunities or networking opportunities? Are you an attorney looking for a source of experts in a wide range of areas for your complex litigat…
Are you a forensic consultant looking for some tricks and tips on how to become an expert witness, educational opportunities or networking opportunities? Are you an attorney…


CLIENT CITY STATE Hoge, Fenton, Jones & Appel San Jose CA Abraham & Smith, LLP San Francisco CA Abramson Smith Waldsmith, LLP San Francisco CA…

3D Working Model - Shadow Analysis

PSI’s use of the 3D Working Model has provided us with a wide array of opportunities to perform very precise analyses and illustrate the results at trial. In a recent case, PSI employed the Working Model and 3D Laser Scanning to analyze and illustrate the…
PSI’s use of the 3D Working Model has provided us with a wide array of opportunities to perform very precise analyses and illustrate the results at trial. In a recent case, PSI…