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Old Way vs Best Way (1)
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Impossible Is Nothing – The 3D Working Model vs Complex Nighttime Reconstruction

A nighttime collision between two tractor-trailers leaves both drivers with debilitating injuries and closes the lanes of a major California highway for hours. Upon investigation, it becomes clear that one of the drivers was entering the highway from a si…
A nighttime collision between two tractor-trailers leaves both drivers with debilitating injuries and closes the lanes of a major California highway for hours. Upon investigation,…

The Old Way vs The Best Way – 6 Benefits of 3D Working Model & Animation over Traditional Video for Daytime/Nighttime Visibility Reconstruction

Traditionally, driver’s-eye nighttime visibility cases have been visualized for the jury via film and video. The benefits of this approach are mostly related to the use of the actual vehicles and scene elements, which allows the complex lighting and visib…
Traditionally, driver’s-eye nighttime visibility cases have been visualized for the jury via film and video. The benefits of this approach are mostly related to the use of the…